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Lil Wayne : The W. Carter Collection 2 .mp3, full album download

Artist: Lil Wayne.mp3 (full albums)
Album: The W. Carter Collection 2
Format: .mp3 .wav
Release: 2006  year

1. Mick Boogie MTV Intro.mp3 1.34mb
2. Lil Wayne Intro.mp3 1.10mb
3. 16 Bars Part 1.mp3 2.00mb
4. I'm A D-Boy Featuring Rakim.mp3 4.31mb
5. Feeling Myself.mp3 4.14mb
6. It Ain't Over Featuring Busta Rhymes and Slim Thug.mp3 5.89mb
7. What You Know Featuring T.I..mp3 2.33mb
8. I Got It.mp3 4.52mb
9. Hustla Music Live.mp3 6.03mb
10. Bitches.mp3 6.74mb
11. Ya Dig Part 2 Featuring Young Jeezy.mp3 4.50mb
12. Getting Some Head Remix Featuring Shawna, Rick Ross, and Pimp C.mp3 7.85mb
13. Interlude.mp3 0.82mb
14. 16 Bars Part 2.mp3 1.25mb
15. Conceited Part 2 Featuring Trina and Remy Ma.mp3 3.64mb
16. Gotta Get It Featuring Baby.mp3 6.01mb
17. Ready To Walk.mp3 7.07mb
18. Came Down Featuring Al Fatz.mp3 4.16mb
19. Juicy.mp3 2.56mb
20. Introduces Yonny.mp3 0.82mb
21. Suck It Or Not Featuring Cam'Ron and Yonny.mp3 6.15mb
22. Introduces Currency.mp3 0.69mb
23. Where The Cash At Featuring Currency.mp3 4.61mb
24. 16 Bars Part 3.mp3 1.39mb
25. They Want Weezy.mp3 8.82mb
26. Fireman Live.mp3 7.49mb
27. Miss Me Featuring Jody Breeze and Penelope.mp3 3.89mb
28. Lil Daddy Part 2 Featuring Jody Breeze.mp3 4.12mb
29. Private Dancer.mp3 3.78mb
30. Outro.mp3 0.91mb
31. Gimme Dat Featuring Chris Brown.mp3 3.55mb
32. Ride Featuring 3 6 Mafia and Christina Milan.mp3 4.63mb
33. Feeling Me.mp3 9.26mb

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